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Three More Countries to Join Crypto Related Lawsuit Against Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Recently, a new blockchain association was formed by Russian, Chinese and South Korean groups. Their purpose in forming was to file a joint lawsuit against Google, Twitter, and Facebook, for banning crypto related ads on their platforms earlier this year. This was first revealed on March 27th via the Russian news outlet TASS.Today three more groups have joined the same lawsuit. Reported via Russian news outlet RNS April 6th, organizations in Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and Armenia are joining the pending suit. They will all be coordinating under the umbrella of the newly coined Eurasian Blockchain Association (EBA).In a press release via RNS, the head of the EBA, Yury Pripachkin stated that “”The associations that unite the crypto-investors and the blockbuster industry in Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia joined the lawsuit against the ban on advertising crypto-currencies”.The new support came specifically from Swiss company INnmind, who works to link up collaborators and investors, and the Armenian Association of Developers and Users. Kazakhstan has a similar association. All legal costs are being crowdfunded through donations to a wallet registered in Estonia.Facebook became the first large platform to ban crypto related advertisements on Jan 30th of last year, along with ICO promotions, citing “misleading or deceptive promotional practices” as its reasoning for doing so. Google quickly followed suit setting up a new policy effective in June banning “cryptocurrencies and related content (including but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice)”. Finally, Twitter did the same as well, banning all information from crypto related services unless they are publicly traded companies.Along with this information, Pripachkin also explained that he expected to file the lawsuit in May. As  for the state in which the litigation will take place, it seems the EBA has picked New York.